Interpol are gearing up to release 'El Pintor,' their highly anticipated fifth studio album, on Sept. 9 via Matador Records. The band has just issued a new single from the album, the hard driving 'Ancient Ways.' The song has all the trademark Interpol flashes in tact but with an even greater sense of urgency than ever before. The band will embark on their first global tour in three years this September in the U.S. -- which will carry them through the end of November -- before heading overseas. Listen to 'Ancient Ways' in the video above.

Mixed by famed British producer Alan Moulder, (Arctic Monkeys, Nine Inch Nails, My Bloody Valentine), 'El Pintor' is being hailed as a "return to form" for the band, something band leader Paul Banks joked about in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

"I mean, as a professional in this business, what that sounds like to me is an angle. So I love it," he told the magazine. "It's totally a return to form, let's all talk about how this is a return to form. If there's a positive angle for the press to latch on to, f---ing great. That's my sort of PR stance on that."

He then conceded, "As far as just being really honest, I think that it's not because I don't think we lost form. But for the people who want to say there's some parallel between this and our first record, then sure."

Guitarist Daniel Kessler echoed those thoughts in a separate interview. "We're never lacking ideas or inspiration," he told NME. "There's always something new to be said, and if you don't have something new to say, that's when you should take a break. We got back together because we felt that some of these songs had a certain urgency. It feels new again."

Interpol's 'El Pintor' hits your favorite record store on Sept. 9. Get the details here.