Hailing from Hoboken, N.J., indie rockers Stuyvesant are celebrating the recent release of their third full-length album -- and first since signing with Sugarblast Music Company -- ‘Shmyvesant.’ Today (Feb. 4), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to debut the record’s latest single, ‘3AM’ -- check it out in the audio player below.

If Stuyvesant are known for their enthusiastic and energetic power punk brand of rock and roll, then ‘3AM’ has to be their crowning achievement. Packed with smooth vocals and a constantly pulsating groove, the song feels like a nod to the likes of the Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr.

And as much fun as the music is, the lyrics seem even funner. “‘3AM’ is about absolutely nothing at all. It is slacker lyric-writing at its finest,” frontman Sean Adams admits to us. “Whenever I write a melody, it helps to spout out words to give the song form and feeling. The words don’t have to make sense -- they just need to fit. These lyrics, literally, are the first words I tossed out when I first played the song for the guys in the old Hoboken studio. The words fit, so I left them and that is that.”

He goes on, “There is no sappy love story here, no loss, no abandonment, no reconciliation, no redemption. Like a ‘Seinfeld’ episode, it is a song about nothing. Think of it as my anti-social answer to every other song that is about something. In a way, it is sort of a stream of consciousness informed by every song I’ve ever heard, ergo the subconscious homage to Journey.”

Stuyvesant’s ‘Shmyvesant’ follows the band’s 2011 full-length, ‘Fret Sounds.’ You can get details on their entire catalog -- their first EP hit the streets in 2005 -- at their official website here, and you can pick up ‘Shmyvesant’ at this location.