Superchunk and Mountain Goats drummer Jon Wurster made his national morning TV news debut last week as he appeared on NBC's 'Today' show. The musician/comedian was sharing his experience of the strange outburst that occurred during his flight from New York to North Carolina on June 25.

Wurster was among the many passengers at New York's LaGuardia airport who were waiting to depart to Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina. They were prevented to board the American Eagle aircraft over two hours past the scheduled boarding time due to inclement weather. Once the passengers were allowed to enter the plane, things got tremendously worse.

The pilot eventually turned the plane around because it had to refuel after being stuck behind 20 other planes on the runway. This did not please the already agitated crowd, and some took their frustrations out on flight attendant Jose Serrano. According to travelers, Serrano was verbally abusing them while on board the plane.

Serrano was captured on video saying, "If you have balls, this is your time. Otherwise, you're going to have to fly with [me]. I don't want to hear anything. We will not hear anything once we close the door."

As Spin reports, Wurster's appearance during the 'Today' segment comes in a little after the 1:50 mark, which even includes a brief clip of Superchunk in concert. He seemed to sympathize with Serrano and said the passengers should share some of the blame.

"I think Jose suffered probably the brunt of a lot of the frustration of the passengers," Wurster says in the interview, which you can watch below. "I noticed at one point it seemed like he was really tearing up and I could tell he was very upset."

Wurster further elaborated about the ordeal to TV news station KETK. "It just seemed to be this endless perfect storm of everything that could go wrong, and unfortunately the brunt of peoples' ire landed on only a couple of people, which was ... the flight attendant in question and two other American Airlines employees," he said.

Police were summoned to the plane and the flight was eventually canceled. No charges were filed as of this writing, but parent company American Airlines said they would initiate an internal investigation.

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Watch Superchunk's Jon Wurster on NBC's 'Today' Show

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