Chapel Hill, N.C. indie rockers Superchunk have announced they'll re-release their 1999 album, Come Pick Me Up, on July 10 via Merge Records. The reissue will be available on vinyl, CD and digital formats and will include new liner notes written by Chicago Reader’s Peter Margasak and Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance. There will also be eight bonus acoustic and demo versions of album tracks.

The album was the group's seventh and is noted for the band's collaboration with respected underground musician, Jim O'Rourke. Speaking about working with O'Rourke on the album in 1999, drummer Jon Wurster said, "He functions on about two hours of sleep a night and we really didn't have a lot of time to do it, so we really busted ass on it, but he's really the one who made it happen, I think. With the strings and horns, he was definitely the point-man. I think that 'Hello Hawk' may have been the first song we recorded for the album, and he took a tape of the song home with him the first night and wrote some charts for the horns and strings all in one night, which I thought was very impressive."

Listen to "Hello Hawk," and check out the reissue tracklist, below.

Come Pick Me Up reissue tracklist:
1. "So Convinced"
2. "Hello Hawk"
3. "Cursed Mirror"
4. "1000 Pounds"
5. "Good Dreams"
6. "Low Branches"
7. "Pink Clouds"
8. "Smarter Hearts"
9. "Honey Bee"
10. "June Showers"
11. "Pulled Muscle"
12. "Tiny Bombs"
13. "You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)"
14. "Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)"
15. "Pink Clouds (Acoustic)"
16. "Low Branches (Acoustic)"
17. "Honey Bee (Demo)"
18. "Good Dreams (Demo)"
19. "Cursed Mirror (Demo)"
20. "Smarter Hearts (Demo)"
21. "White Noise (Demo)"

Superchunk – "Hello Hawk" 

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