Ben Kweller

Ben Kweller Shares His Favorite Summer Jams
With summer just around the corner, most music fans have a weighty task at hand -- crafting the perfect summer mixtape. Assembling a summer playlist can be both daunting and exhilarating, with the right mix of songs that make you feel the warmth of the season or nostalgic tunes that take you back to a favorite summer memory -- there are no rules.
Flying Kites with Ben Kweller
Ben Kweller’s career has been quite a ride, and he wouldn’t change a thing. You’d think that anyone who got their start at the age of 15 might turn somewhat bitter with age in such a fickle industry, but Kweller is anything but. In fact, he’s so entrenched in his art that he recently debuted his own record label The Noise Company as a vehicle for his own music, as well as introducing new artists t