It seems wildly inappropriate to use the word "comeback" with someone who just turned 30 last summer, but that will happen when you were an indie rock child prodigy. Those don't come around very often, you know?

Ben Kweller is on life's fast track, in that he accomplishes things a little bit earlier in life than most people. He was 16 when his band Radish released their first major label album, and he went solo at 19. Today, he's a happily married father of two, and he just launched his own record label, with his new album 'Go Fly a Kite' serving as the inaugural release. If the lead single 'Mean to Me,' available as a free download, is any indication, Kweller is poised to storm the blogosphere in a big, big way.

Part of Kweller's initial charm was the hitch in his vocals -- they were a little unsteady, like he was admitting that he was learning the whole rock star thing on the job. There is no sign of that singer on 'Mean to Me.' Kweller sounds incredibly confident, and the crunchy guitars recall 'Girlfriend'-era Matthew Sweet and the halcyon days of early '90s alt rock.

The most encouraging thing about the track, though, is the production. The drum tracks, for one, are huge, with a gated snare in the chorus that is seldom heard in indie circles. He may have made this album himself, but he clearly wanted to make sure that it didn't sound cheap. Download your free copy of 'Mean to Me' using the link below.
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