Electronic artist Dan Deacon isn't one to shy away from philosophical musings on heavy subjects like life, death and the nature of reality. And with the new video for his song "When I Was Done Dying" -- from the album Gliss Riffer -- he jumps right into the deep end of the metaphysical pool.

The video was created by nine different animators who each crafted a short section of the experience. The result is a shifting landscape that describes a man's journey through the afterlife -- or at least that's what the video might be about. We'd be lying if we claimed we totally get everything that happens in it, but that doesn't really take away from its sheer awesomeness.

The video was created in conjunction with Adult Swim's Off the Air, a strangely entertaining show relegated to television's graveyard shift. The show is picking up steam, though, as word of mouth spreads. In an interview with Off the Air, Deacon discussed how losing his voice helped him decide to start focusing on his vocals more in his music.

Once it finally came back I started thinking about how the human voice is an instrument that expires. At some point, I will not be able to use my voice in the way I can now and that I should be using my voice as much as possible until that time … like if I found out that all trombones were going to be gone by 2040, I’d start writing lots of trombone music.

You can see the list of artists who worked on the video -- and read interviews with each of them -- at Off the Air's Tumblr.

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