Getting Hitched
Forget the news last month that Deadmau5 and Kat Von D had split up. Not only are the EDM DJ and tattoo artist together again, but the latest word is that they're engaged to be married after Deadmau5 popped the question via perhaps the most romantic and old-fashioned forum imaginable: Twitter.
Deadmau5 and Kat Von D Split
Our favorite couple consisting of a guy best known for sporting a giant mouse head and a gal with more tattoos than a biker bar on a Saturday have split. EDM DJ Deadmau5 and reality-show tat artist Kat Von D confirmed their split on Twitter yesterday.
News Bits: Ryan Adams and Deadmau5 Team Up + More
-- Ryan Adams and Deadmau5 are teaming up for some sort of musical collaboration. Adams tweeted that the output “sounds like 'Blade Runner' starring Don Henley," and Deadmau5 postied an Instagram pic of Adams “singin words n s---." Amazing!
News Bits: Deadmau5 Reportedly Dating Kat Von D + More
-- Is Deadmau5 dating Kat Von D? It certainly seems like it. The DJ and the tattoo artist were spotted arm in arm recently after reportedly meeting at a party, with Mau5 later tweeting that's he " love" with Von D and "at least I'm happy." Awww.
Deadmau5, ‘Professional Griefers’ – New Video
Deadmau5 just unveiled his brand-new music video for 'Professional Griefers,' featuring My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way. The high-budget EDM video -- produced by Dave Stewart’s Weapons of Mass Entertainment -- premiered online via the Ultra Music YouTube channel and is rich with striking visual effects...
Deadmau5, ‘Professional Griefers’ – Song Review
Deadmau5 is a strange cat. About a week after recently taking to Twitter to say that he needed to ”to unplug for a wee bit” and “just chill the f— out," the man known to the world as Joel Zimmerman when unmasked seemed to patently contradict that by announcing his plans to release a new album, ‘Album Title Goes Here,' on Sept. 25. So much for taking a break.

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