Following their first foray into all-instrumental prog rock on the 2012 EP ‘Pull Factors,’ NYC foursome TAUK went all in on the the subsequent LP, ‘Homunculus,’ which landed this past spring.

A quick trip to Google reveals the album’s title means “a very small human or humanoid creature.” There’s definitely something human lurking in TAUK’s expansive instrumental songs, but there’s nothing small about it.

It makes sense that producer Robert Carranza, who's worked with the Mars Volta, also worked on ‘Homunculus.’ You can hear similarities between the two groups' experimental prog stylings, and that's in addition to the Phish and Lotus comparisons TAUK already receives. Nevertheless, there is something singular here, which you can hear in today’s free MP3, ‘Sunshine Harry.”

Chalk it up to another case of misleading names, because ‘Harry’ isn’t all that sunny. It’s darker, spookier and perfectly timed for Halloween. The guys of TAUK -- guitarist Matt Jalbert, bassist Charlie Dolan, keyboard and organist Alric “A.C.” Carter and drummer Isaac Teel — have created a track that is both soaring and gripping ‘til its end.

“We’re really excited to release ‘Sunshine Harry’ to kick off our big East Coast Halloween shows in D.C., Maryland, Philly and Brooklyn,” Carter tells “This is such a fun song to play and rock out to -- it was actually originally a B-side on ‘Homunculus, but it sounds so eerie, we though it would work better as a Halloween single.”

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