You probably know the Album Leaf, led by Jimmy LaValle. If you don't, you should. They've been releasing masterful records for more than a decade, and today, we get a free download of 'Descent,' from the new EP 'Forward/Return.'

Back before Sigur Ros starting creating their glacial tunes, the Album Leaf were making epic, mostly instrumental soundscapes of disarming poignancy and stunning lyricism. In 2004, LaValle collaborated with Sigur Ros for what became the breakthrough full-length 'In a Safe Place,' recorded in the Icelanders' studio.

Since then, LaValle has released two excellent full-lengths and a handful of EPs. He tells of the new EP: "I wanted to keep things raw. Return to basics while the band moves forward. We've made a couple tour EPs, usually the second time around in our record touring cycle, but I wanted this EP to be its own thing. I wanted to release something new."

Check out the newest from the Album Leaf below, 'Descent.' The Album Leaf is on tour now—click here for dates and tickets.

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