Congratulations to the Big Pink, who are the new reigning champs of's weekly Sound Off series. The duo received the most fan votes for their new track 'Hit the Ground (Superman),' beating out Delta Spirit's 'California.' Now, Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell will take on Cake and the band's latest single 'The Winter.'

On 'Hit the Ground (Superman),' the Big Pink bring about feelings of warmness and daydreaming amongst listeners. The electro-rock track has a building almost anthemic feel, with a repetitive sample of Laurie Anderson's 'O Superman' layered beneath a blend of piano, guitars and rhythmic pounding drums. Meanwhile, Cake keep things more simplistic with 'The Winter,' their latest release off of 'Showroom of Compassion.' The midtempo song, which exemplifies Cake's ability to maintain their signature sound while also moving forward with the times, features horns, steady drums, and somewhat melancholy piano notes.

So, which song do you prefer? Vote for either the Big Pink's 'Hit the Ground (Superman)' or Cake's 'The Winter' below -- the poll will remain open until Monday, April 2 at 11AM EST.

Watch the Big Pink's 'Hit the Ground (Superman)' Video

Watch Cake's 'The Winter' Video

Rules: If the same artist wins for four weeks straight, their song will be retired and inducted into’s Sound Off Hall of Fame. With so many great tracks out there, we have to give other musicians a chance to partake in our Sound Off.

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