Songwriter Al M Forbes and producer Andy Savours make up the the incomparable synth-pop-rock duo of Malpas, and last month, they announced plans for their debut full-length set for release this summer. Along with that good news, they shared the album’s first single, “Under Her Sails.”

Today (April 1), Diffuser is thrilled to debut that track, but in a bit of a different light. Teaming up with the Big Pink, Malpas have unveiled a reimagining of “Under Her Sails,” one that leaves behind the indie pop of the original to expand on its enormous, atmospheric foundation. You can listen to the remix in the audio player below.

The Big Pink tell us that they loved the original track, but they wanted to take a more “electronic” approach with their version. “Mary [Charteris, multi-instrumentalist] added a vocal which made it grow into a duet and we loved the way it evolved with the double-time rhythm,” Robertson Furze of the Big Pink explains. “I got to use the Ohmboyz plugins -- ohmicide and predatohm -- on this track which I f---ing love and haven’t used in awhile.”

How do Malpas feel about the interpretation of their new song? Simply put: They dig it.

“What’s so great about the Big Pink’s take on ‘Under Her Sails’ is that they’ve identified a certain mood in the original and reinvented it to pull our music towards theirs,” the duo says. “We love the effect Mary’s vocal and the more aggressive approach has on our song. In terms of atmosphere and sonics, this feels like a perfect hybrid between two very different musical aesthetics.”

You can hear the original track below:

As we anxiously await the arrival of their debut record, make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in Malpas' world at their official website.