The Black Angels may have released their latest EP, 'Clear Lake Forest,' in July, but the Austin psychedelic rockers are keeping the new music rolling. They've just debuted a new single that'll make you head bang -- even if you're in the middle of your office.

As part of the Fuzz Club Records split single series, the Black Angles give you a two-for-one deal with their track, 'Molly Moves My Generation.' While there is a dark undertone throughout the song, it's a 180 from 'Clear Lake Forest.' Five minutes into the song, the tempo changes and goes into a full blown sound explosion that is much more frenetic and hard-hitting than the beginning of the track. And considering it's over eight-and-a-half minutes long, the different dynamics make it a worthwhile listening experience:

On the flip side of the special-edition split vinyl is Sonic Jesus. The Italian band's 'Lost Reprise' is a bit more mellow and features a lot of strings that show a blend of '60s folk and shoegaze that'll likely mellow you out after listening to the Black Angels' tune. Sonic Jesus will be dropping their debut album in early 2015.

If you haven't gotten your fill of Record Store Day purchases from Black Friday yet, this fifth single from the series will be released on Dec. 15. You can pre-order one of the 1000 copies (250 in transparent red and 750 in white vinyl) at the Fuzz Club Records website.