Austin City Limits’ continues to turn out an excellent 40th season, with its next episode featuring Akron, Ohio rockers the Black Keys. PBS will air the full set tomorrow (Jan. 31), but until then, we can watch their bluesy performance of ‘Gotta Get Away,’ a song from their latest album, 2014’s ‘Turn Blue.’ Check it out above (via Spin).

European fans will have to make due with the Black Keys’ ‘ACL’ gig, as the duo were forced to cancel a string of dates in their world tour after drummer Patrick Carney recently suffered a dislocated shoulder. However, Carney and singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach are still planning on headlining this year’s Mountain Jam in Hunter Mountain, N.Y. from June 4-7.

The Foo Fighters will be featured as ‘ACL’’s next musical guest on its Feb. 7 episode.

You Think You Know the Black Keys?

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