The Black Keys played a career-spanning set at Mountain Jam last night (June 6), with a simple stage setup and a solid sound driven by the interplay of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. The band capped off a Saturday lineup of bands that push the boundaries of blues, and showed their own pared down sound is still among the most original takes on roots-based rock.

Simplicity especially suits the Keys, and the one song they did as a two-piece, "I Got Mine," off Attack & Release was also the best -- Carney and Auerbach kept the rhythm between the two of them and it was the most alive the band sounded all night.

Highlights from the 90-minute set also included a heavy, organ-laden "Strange Times" and a joyful "Tighten Up" -- setting the stage for Sunday headliners Alabama Shakes and their own adventurous blues.

You Think You Know the Black Keys?

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