On Sept. 4, the British IBM will celebrate the release of their new record, Psychopaths Dream In Black and White -- a disc frontman Adrian Killens describes as "an emotional album about unemotional people." Today (July 16), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the Cambridge-based trio for the premiere of the LP's second single, "We Were the Stars" -- check it out in the audio player below.

The new song is delicately down-tempo, with Killens and company creating an unforgettable listening experience centered around a folk-tinged indie rock sound.

"The track started out life as a simple acoustic song and grew into something slightly more orchestral after we began to layer string sections played by the awesome Anna Scott -- who played on our first album," the band tells us. "Then after talking to a church band that happened to be rehearsing in the studio one day, we got to asking about choirs and one thing led to another and a few choir members came in one Saturday morning."

The band goes on, "Lyrically, it's quite a dark track -- although it may not sound like it -- about the self-realization of a business man coming to terms with his complete lack of empathy and realizing that this quality will actually lead to a fairly stress-free life in which he can thrive."

Psychopaths Dream In Black and White hits the streets on Sept. 4, followed by a handful of gigs in the U.K. in October. You can stay current with everything happening in the British IBM's world at their official website.

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