As far as band slogans go, the Clash had to have the best one ever. They were known as "the only band that matters." Sure, it was part of their label's promotional campaign, but the phrase still carries a lot of weight. While ultimately there are tons of other bands that also mattered, the Clash held more influence in their short time together than 90 percent of all other bands who came before or after them.

This live performance shows them playing not one but a handful of tunes on the short-lived '80s show 'Fridays,' a live sketch comedy show meant to compete with 'Saturday Night Live.' The comedy portion of the show is generally considered to be pretty unbearable, but 'Fridays' often pulled in some of the greatest musical guests to ever perform on television.

If you're a fan of guitar rock, then this performance will probably speak to you. Taking a look back at this rock quartet after becoming so accustomed to today's music is refreshing. In these modern times of sparse, experimental drum machines and stingy orchestration, the classic rock band lineup has been rendered all but obsolete. Don't get us wrong, we love modern music and recognize the exciting trends that are shaping popular music into something brand new. But sometimes we just want to hear three or four regular-looking people rocking some solid tunes.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, including the band members and the fans, the Clash were a relatively short-lived phenomenon. They formed in 1976, made some truly amazing records that would continue to inspire and influence popular music for a long time after, and then broke up after a meager 10 years together. But they left behind a treasure trove of tunes. If you've got the time to spare, treat yourself by spending 10 minutes watching them perform live here.