Colin Meloy has carved out a 15-year career of hyper-literate songs as the frontman for the Decemberists. (He's also the author of a trilogy of children's novels.) Now, he's branched out into an entirely different form: erotic Oregon militia fan fiction.

Since learning of the group of armed cattle ranchers who took over a federal wildlife refuge building in Burns, Ore., on Jan. 2, Meloy has composed 140-character romance vignettes on Twitter inspired by the militiamen. They're all accompanied by the hashtag #BundyEroticFanFic.

Meloy's hashtag refers to father and son Cliven and Ammon Bundy, who have helped catapult the Oregon takeover after Cliven Bundy orchestrated a similar standoff in Nevada in 2014. Their protest in Oregon centers around what the militiamen consider to be unjust federal land use and another father and son, Dwight and Steven Hammond, who are set to return to prison to fulfill sentences for arson after setting fire to public land near their ranch in 2012.

Meloy’s playful spoof on the ranchers unfolded on Twitter, where he wondered aloud, “Can’t wait to see all the erotic fanfic inspired by the #bundymilitia #MalheurWildlifeRefuge occupation…” Of course, the wordsmith he is, Meloy didn’t wait around and instead took matters into his own hands:

Just in case you think this might be a rough draft for the singer’s next novel, think again:

In any case, Meloy could have his next concept album brewing.

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