The Decemberists have debuted a music video for "Cavalry Captain," a cut from their most recent full-length What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.

In the same grainy fashion as the Decemberists’ “Make You Better” video (which starred Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman as a blundering ‘70s-era TV host), “Cavalry Captain” features frontman Colin Meloy as some cross between deluded self-help guru and TV evangelist cult figure. He spends the duration of the video exploiting the money he’s raked in from innocent viewers who have bought into his Decemberism. Check it out above.

What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World arrived at the beginning of the year, but just today (Oct. 9), the Portland folk-rockers followed suit with their Florasongs EP. The five-track effort compiles songs recorded at the same time as What a Terrible World, including the previously released “Why Would I Now?Florasongs is available on CD, vinyl and digitally.

This weekend, the Decemberists will appear at Austin City Limits’ second 2015 installment before heading to Australia. Get ticket information at the band’s website.

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