As the Dollyrots continue celebrating the release of their new record, ‘Barefoot and Pregnant,’ Diffuser is excited to debut the music video for their latest single, ‘Get Weird’ -- check it out above.

Forming in 2000, 'Barefoot and Pregnant' is the culmination of years and years of hard work by the Dollyrots. From touring to recording, they’ve turned themselves into self-proclaimed punk stalwarts -- and ‘Get Weird’ might just be the perfect snapshot of their entire career.

Frontwoman Kelly Ogden tells us, “It’s taken a lifetime but I finally feel happy in my weird skin, so writing a song celebrating all the odd balls like us was pretty easy. It started with a musical nod to the Supremes and Iggy Pop -- and blossomed into an anthem for those of us who don’t quite fit in.”

And beyond the song, Ogden believes the video celebrates those differences, too, thanks to its “cast of characters anyone would be lucky to call friends.”

“As a video, it sums up what we aim to do as a band and with our live show,” guitarist Luis Cabezas adds. “Bring people into our world and let them feel freedom of expression -- not being concerned with what’s ‘normal’ or what’s the flavor of the week. Ian [MacLeod, director] took our ideas and a mess of randomness and somehow brought it to life perfectly.”

If you like what you hear and see (and we think that you will), make sure to head over to the Dollyrots' official website for details on 'Barefoot and Pregnant,' as well as their entire catalog.