The Flaming Lips aren't quite done with their fwends. Nearly a year after unleashing the collaborative album 'The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends,' the psych-pop outfit has released a video for 'Ashes In the Air,' the disc's duet with Bon Iver. This clip has been sitting in the can for awhile -- apparently it was slated to debut last year, sometime around Christmas -- but it was pushed back for some unspecified reason. Whatever the cause of the delay, it was worth the wait.

The 'Ashes' video plays out like a sequel to the band's home-brewed mid-'00s 'Christmas on Mars' feature film, but with better special effects. (Maybe that's where Wayne Coyne's Virgin Mobile commercial moolah went.) An alien/astronaut saves a man/baby from a crashed space pod, then parades it around before ultimately sticking it in a meat grinder. It's a little light on plot, but the video certainly looks cool, with some trippy, colorful vertical-line effects sure to launch your brain into outer space.