In the months since David Bowie's death at the beginning of the year, the Flaming Lips have paid tribute to the late singer with several fitting covers. Now, they have unveiled a music video for their rendition of "Space Oddity."

There are two running narratives in the clip: In one, the Lips perform the song in a church filled with white balloons and drenched in the band’s trippy, multicolor light show. Simultaneously, two nuns grieve at a cemetery before they take some suspect-looking pills and begin undressing. (In Wayne Coyne’s own words: “It has two nuns in it… One is very sad and her friend helps her through it.") No Chewbacca to be seen here, but still, it’s very bizarre and very on brand for the psych-rockers -- and Bowie for that matter.

The Flaming Lips performed a medley of eight Bowie songs during a concert back in February. Then, they made an appearance at the "Music of David Bowie" tribute concerts in New York at the top of the month, where they covered "Life on Mars?"

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