British lads the Heavy came to Georgia to soak up the gifts of gospel. Their trip was well worth it, as proven by ‘What Makes a Good Man? -- a neo soul jam equal parts spine-crunching guitar and spirit-cleansing choir.


Good things happen when bada-- Brits take a bath in Southern Syrup. ‘Country Honk’ remains the Rolling Stones at their most rascally, and the Heavy do the below-the-Mason-Dixon vibe, well, heavily.

The track’s got everything you want in hard rock: a simple high-hatted opening, a swaggering riff and the sung scowls of frontman Kelvin Swaby. The spirit comes in with the choir, who belt out the chorus with force.

‘What Makes a Good Man’ is a revelatory riot, firmly entrenched in the conventions of hard rock without feeling repetitive. Accessible and memorable, the Heavy -- who are already getting into the beer commercial racket -- are on their way to big things. Just listen to all those elements: your hard rocking band and that Southern quiet, topped off by a soaring string section. That’s 3:46 of celebration.

Head on over to Rolling Stone to have a listen. The Heavy’s third album, ‘The Glorious Dead,’ drops on August 21.

8 out of 10 rating