Things are picking up big time for the Heavy. Not only do they currently have a song featured in a Miller Lite commercial, but now they have none other than Tony Luca of 'The Voice' singing their wares. Lucca turned in a performance of ‘How You Like Me Now' on Monday's live edition of the talent-singing competition, and he pretty much nailed it.

Regular viewers of the show may prefer Luca with his guitar, but he put down the six-stringer and focused on the show's namesake instrument for this run-through of the neo-soul song, and the attention paid off. Flanked by two female dancers and backed by a band with the appropriate horn section, he tore through the tune with abandon, even showing off a few subtle moves of his own when it came time for the "How you like me now? / How you like me nowwww?" breakdown.

How did 'The Voice' coaches like it? Christina Aguilera, who just a few weeks ago criticized the fellow ex-Mouseketeer for allegedly leaning too heavy on star endorsements, went on the record as saying she "loved" his song selection (she in fact had picked it for one of her own singers) and liked his version. Cee Lo said it “really pleasant surprise” -- enough so that he in fact finally became a fan of Lucca’s because of it.

But perhaps Lucca's own coach Adam Levine summed up the number best with his comment: “This was the perfect thing at the perfect moment, dude.”

So, America: how do you like Tony Lucca now?