The arrival of Blur’s first album in 12 years, The Magic Whip, is just around the corner on April 28, but L.A. fans who participate in tomorrow’s Record Store Day (April 18) could snag a flexi disc featuring album single, “Lonesome Street” -- and free ice cream!

The Magic Whip ice cream truck will make stops at five area record stores throughout the day, doling out the Blur goodies to those who come bearing a record store receipt and the code word -- you guessed it -- "The Magic Whip." A receipt proving a Record Store Day purchase will get you the free ice cream, while the code word will land you the “Lonesome Street” flexi disc.

The ice cream truck will kick off the day at High Fidelity in L.A. at 11AM. Then, it’ll make its way to Origami Vinyl at noon, Amoeba Music at 2PM, Fingerprints at 4PM and Touch Vinyl at 6PM.

In addition to “Lonesome Street,” Blur have also premiered The Magic Whip tracks, “There Are Too Many of Us” and “Go Out.” The upcoming full-length will be the English rockers’ first since 2003’s Think Tank.

Blur have already played some shows in support of their upcoming album, but frontman Damon Albarn recently cast doubt on the possibility of a U.S. tour.

“I’d like to, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it,” Albarn said in an interview. “I’m up for doing a bit of touring, but there’s a great question mark when it comes to America with Blur for me.”

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