The Mast are an innovative mostly-electronic duo from Brooklyn consisting of Matt Kilmer and Haale. Before officially teaming up with Kilmer to start the Mast, the duo were touring under Haale's name, a name usually used by regulars of the New York live music scene in the sentence, 'You have got to hear this girl -- she's incredible.' The reputation led to an invitation to play a David Byrne-curated concert at Carnegie Hall, and the Mast released their debut, 'Wild Poppies,' in 2011. Today they're offering up a free download of their new single, 'Seas Across Your Mind.'

'Seas Across Your Mind' is an altogether winning combination of elements. A shoegaze melodic sensibility mixes with guitar loops, electronic beats and oscillating synths. But mostly, its chorus blends a haunting moodiness with a masterfully crafted hook that will stay with you all day.

'We used various pedals and effects to give us all the sounds we needed, octave pedal for the bass, delay for the vocals and drums, etc. We wanted to make an album that we could play live as a duo,' Kilmer tells

The pair is also multi-talented: Kilmer is the music coordinator and a composer for Louis CK's show 'Louie,' and Haale also just finished working on a feature film set to release next year. We're calling the Mast as a band to watch in 2012. Check out 'Seas Across Your Mind' below.

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