A long-lost collaborative album recorded by the Melvins and godheadSilo’s Mike Kunka will finally see the light of day 17 years after it was shelved.

Following godheadSilo’s breakup in 1998, Kunka went on tour with the Melvins and eventually agreed to form a one-off supergroup fittingly named Mike & the Melvins and record an album together. However, the album was never released due to what a Sub Pop press release describes as “junior-high level bulls---,” “typical record-label skullduggery,” “a scorching case of whooping cough” and “poorly-timed gear theft.”

Last year, Kunka and the Melvins rejoined forces to finish the album now titled Three Men and a Baby. Sub Pop will issue the LP on April 1. Take a listen to lead-off track “Chicken n Dump” at the top of the page (via Noisey).

“‘Chicken n Dump’ is quite possibly the best name I’ve ever heard for a song,” Melvins leader Buzz Osborne said. “With a title like that the song HAS to be good.”

“I stole the title from a friend (sorry Quitty),” Kunka added, “my nine-year-old daughter wrote the lyrics, it took 16 years to finish, and it sounds like this.”

Place your pre-orders for the album right here. That’s the cover and track list below:

Mike & the Melvins
Sub Pop

Three Men and a Baby Track List
1. "Chicken n Dump"
2. "Limited Teeth"
3. "Bummer Conversation"
4. "Annalisa"
5. "A Dead Pile of Worthless Junk"
6. "Read the Label (It’s Chilli)"
7. "Dead Canaries"
8. "Pound the Giants"
9. "A Friend in Need is a Friend You Don’t Need"
10. "Lifestyle Hammer"
11. "Gravel"
12. "Art School Fight Song"