The Milk Carton Kids have announced the release of a brand new album, Monterey, which will be released on May 19 via Anti- according to a recent post on their Facebook page.

This is the third album from the California-based folk duo and the follow-up to 2013's The Ash & Clay, which garnered them a Grammy nomination and an Americana Music Award.

"This album is like the same as our last one, except slower and sadder," said guitarist/vocalist Joey Ryan in a special promotional video teaser for the album (above). "We made the record late at night, it feels like a late night record." All the while, his sparring partner Kenneth Pattingale, keeps disagreeing with him on every point.

"There's 11 songs on the album," Ryan continues. "There were 13 but two of 'em weren't good." The guys show off their offbeat and somewhat self-defacing sense of humor throughout.

In addition, the guys have also given fans a listen to the album's title track, "Monterey." It's fragile beauty recalls the pure harmonizing of the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel, among others:

"I used to see God in the song, and myself in the silence -- one betraying the other," Ryan writes on the group's website. "Only now, in brief moments lured free of vanity do I hear both as music. This world is too old to change, and death will meet those who cannot see the future in the past. Lucky for me, I know how old our future is."

Monterey lands on May 19; you can pre-order the album here.

Monterey Track Listing:
1. "Asheville Skies"
2. "Getaway"
3. "Monterey"
4. "Secrets of the Stars"
5. "Freedom"
6. "High Hopes"
7. "Deadly Bells"
8. "Shooting Shadows"
9. "The City of Our Lady"
10. "Sing, Sparrow, Sing"
11. "Poison Tree"

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