On April 18, 1989, the Pixies released their second studio album, ‘Doolittle.’ Critically-acclaimed and Gold-certified, ‘Doolittle’ found the iconic band working, for the first time ever, with a major label. As Chris Kissel detailed in his in-depth feature on the album, “Critics gave ‘Doolittle’ a tentative thumbs up, often with a post-script reminder that major label values and indie music rarely sit well together for too long.”

Twenty-five years later, the Pixies are celebrating all that is ‘Doolittle’ with a massive reissue, the appropriately titled ‘Doolittle 25.’ Packed with two additional discs of material -- including two radio sessions with the BBC’s John Peel and a plethora of demos and B-sides -- the reissue is available as a triple-CD and double-LP vinyl edition. And because we here at Diffuser are in the holiday spirit, we want to give you a shot at scoring both the CD and vinyl versions of 'Doolittle 25'!

As we always try to do, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enter this contest. So how do you do it? Follow @DiffuserFM on Twitter and retweet the below message ... that's it!

We'll give you a week to enter -- that means we'll be drawing the winner on Thursday Dec. 11 at 4PM ET. Read our official contest rules here.

And just in case you're not feeling lucky, you can pick up 'Doolittle 25' right here.

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