Prepare to party like it's 1997.

Iconic British techno outfit the Prodigy are set to release their first full-length since 2009's 'Invaders Must Die' in February, but they're hinting that the lead single, 'Nasty Nasty,' will drop in January. The group posted six different versions of what looks to be the artwork for the single on Instagram and the final post (below) mentions the possible release date.

In an interview with Q Magazine, songwriter Liam Howlett said 'Nasty Nasty' features lead vocals by Keith Flint (the 'Firestarter' himself) and has a "trip Winston Churchill vibe in the middle." Other songs on the album are expected to include 'Get Your Fight On,' 'Wall of Death' and 'Rockweiler' -- a staple of the band's live shows since 2013.

The Prodigy -- 'Rockweiler' (Live in Moscow on June 28, 2014)

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