Today (Nov. 11), Diffuser is beyond excited to premiere the brand-new music video for the Riot Police’s ‘She Knows.’ The song itself is drenched in beautiful harmonies and features an instantly catchy rhythm -- and the video creates a mesmerizing story to accompany the music. Check it out above.

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, the Riot Police will no doubt hearken memories of the Beatles all the way to the Killers. And beyond their well-picked inspirations and obvious musical talents, the guys like having fun, which makes for a perfect concoction of rock and roll.

That desire to have fun definitely seeps into the video for 'She Knows.' “My favorite scene to shoot was when we were throwing water balloons at each other,” vocalist/keyboardist/bassist Ian Sabourin tells us. “It was that or the scene on top of the silo.”

Guitarist Nick Jones adds, “Filming the scenes with the band in the living room was what I enjoyed the most. Who doesn’t love making intense faces at each other in complete silence?”

And Sabourin wants one thing to be clear to his fans: “The reason I’m so distressed at the end is because she left the black box, but this time there was a wedding ring.”

The Riot Police have a show planned at the 4th Avenue Baptist Church in Ottawa on Nov. 22; check out their full tour itinerary here. 'She Knows' is featured on the band's latest album, 'The Crossing,' which hit the streets in June 2014. If you like what you hear from the indie rockers, pick up the record right here.