They're separated by an ocean and several generations, but rock legends the Rolling Stones and Portland electropop duo YACHT have something in common: They both seem to enjoy the melody to the Stones' 1978 hit 'Miss You.'

One of the band's more enduring later issue hits, 'Miss You' fused the trademark Stones sound with the prevalent beat-heavy sound of the disco era, but did so without pandering to a younger audience; instead, the song offered yet another example of the band adopting different styles without losing their own identity in the process.

Nearly 30 years later, YACHT appropriated the singsong verse melody of 'Miss You' for 'See a Penny (Pick It Up),' a track from the band's third album, 'I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real.' An obvious example of Yacht's propensity for adding electronic flourishes to well-known hooks, 'Penny' has been noted elsewhere as a clear nod to the Stones -- but have a listen to both songs below and decide for yourself.

Listen to the Rolling Stones, 'Miss You'

Listen to YACHT, 'See a Penny (Pick It Up)'

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