What do critically revered indie songstress Florence Welch and hit-spewing OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder have in common? A fondness for tribal drums, handclaps and surging melodies, as today's installment of Song Parallels reveals.

The Florence-OneRepublic connection was first drawn by Idolator, where a recent post pointed out the similarities between Florence + the Machine's 2008 single 'Dog Days Are Over' and Tedder's latest chart-topping contender, 'Feel Again' -- and once you've heard the songs side by side, it's kind of hard to ignore.

Of course, Tedder is too talented a craftsman to attempt a note-for-note facsimile of someone else's hit; 'Feel Again' isn't an outright copy of 'Dog Days' as much as it's a close sonic cousin, with a melody that traces the same rough contours and an arrangement composed of similar parts.

Lyrically, they're also far apart -- Welch's song hints at the agony of loving an addict, while 'Feel Again' is as resolutely hopeful as its title. Still, we think there might be something more than coincidence going on here. What's your take? Have a listen to the clips and cast your vote below.

Listen to Florence + the Machine, 'Dog Days Are Over'

Listen to OneRepublic, 'Feel Again'

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