Kings of Leon named their 2003 single 'Molly's Chambers' for a line in 'Whiskey in the Jar,' a traditional song covered by Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy -- but when it came to writing the music for the track, they may have taken inspiration from an act who hails from a different part of the United Kingdom.

We're talking about PJ Harvey, the critically hailed singer/songwriter whose ascension in the early '90s coincided with the grunge revolution -- and whose raw, distortion-friendly sound fit right in on alt-rock playlists alongside like-minded (and often directly influenced) artists like Garbage and Elastica.

Of course, Kings of Leon are rarely mentioned in the same breath as PJ Harvey -- but it's hard to ignore the similarities between the chord structures used for Harvey's 1991 single 'Dress' and 'Molly's Chambers.' Both songs have something to say about the latent violence inherent in the battle of the sexes, so perhaps it was intentional -- or perhaps we can just chalk it up to the universal appeal of a basic blues progression.

Listen to PJ Harvey, 'Dress'

Listen to Kings of Leon, 'Molly's Chambers'