The Shins are no stranger to releasing a Big Event Music Video. (Beautiful case in point: the 3-D, stop-motion video for 'The Rifle's Spiral,' released for the Nintendo DS.) Nor are they strangers to hamming it up for the camera. (See: James Mercer's slapstick-y turn for the comic in a Funny or Die sketch.) But the bedroom rockers are at their best when the camera is aimed at them without any gimmicks, flash, pretenses or hoo-hah at large.

Their latest video sees the plaintive pop-rockers return to their Portland, Ore., studio for an intimate take of 'No Way Down,' a peppy, stand out track from their latest effort, 'Port of Morrow.' Seeing the band shake (a minimal amount of) booty really accentuates the song's secret, sly groove. Also, the no-frills, verite style of the video acts as a nice advertisement for the band's upcoming American tour in the fall, which kicks off in late September.

If the wood-lined space--and the collection of cool guitars hanging from the walls -- looks familiar, give yourself a gold star! It was also the setting for the band's previously released video for 'No Way Down.'

Watch the Shins' New 'No Way Down' Video