Nashville husband-and-wife duo the Smoking Flowers bring a punk edge to their brand of bluesy alt-country, which is most recently heard on their new album ‘2 Guns.’ Though the LP is driven by Kim and Scott Collins’ fiery spirit, we’re offering what the twosome calls the album’s “black sheep,” ‘Something I Said,’ as today’s free MP3.

The ballad trades in the powerful two-part harmonies and rough edges typically found in the Smoking Flowers’ sound for a more haunting effect. In their place, the track features a super-distorted guitar solo from Scott along with Kim’s soulful vocal, which makes it sound as though she is pleading with listeners. The eerie outcome leaves the whole thing feeling a bit Radiohead-esque.

“‘Something I Said’ is a haunting slow burn… it is definitely the black sheep of our new album, ‘2 Guns,’” Scott tells “It is the only song that Kim takes the vocal completely solo, abandoning our signature two-part arrangement. I do my ‘singing’ through guitar only, and Kim does not play an instrument, as she normally would.”

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