The Young Evils are a new pop outfit from Seattle who delight in combing a lighthearted, upbeat sound with macabre imagery. Their first single, 'Dead Animals,' from the new 'Foreign Spells' EP, exemplifies this perfectly. Grab the free download here.

The Seattle-based five-piece found themselves working with producer Shane Stoneback (Cults, Vampire Weekend, Magic Kids, Sleigh Bells) and ended up with an EP of charming duality -- both manically bright and lyrically dreary.

"'Dead Animals' is a breakup song, not a song about any animals actually dying," singer Troy Nelson tells "I have so many friends that are in their relationships only because they're too scared to end it. This song is about those brave few who make the decision to end a bad situation to better their life. It's actually a tough thing to do, but it needs to happen or you're as good as dead."

If you don't focus too hard on the lyrics, 'Dead Animals' is a perfect light weekend listen. Enjoy.

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