Thee Idea Men like to have a good time. Spend some time perusing their photos online, and it's hard to see anything but a bunch of happy-go-lucky guys who like to joke around and have fun. In the premiere of their music video for 'All the While,' the Philadelphia quartet have a blast while rocking out an instantly catchy tune.

Dressed in button-down shirts, blazers and ties and cut-off denim shorts with no shoes, Thee Idea Men produce an unexpectedly boisterous sound, one that sounds like, dare we say, Jack White meets the Black Keys. With a soulful approach, it's obvious these guys know how to rock out and have fun doing it.

The video for 'All the While' is a simple approach that conveys the energy Thee Idea Men bring to their live performance. Playing in a cramped living room full of friends, the music almost immediately induces dancing and jumping up and down.

The song hits its highest point when the band is without instruments --save for a kick drum -- and Matthew Jurasek sings to the rhythm of synchronized claps and thigh slaps. The back and forth between the vocals provides an interesting perspective on two ways to sing the blues.

'All the While' is the latest song off Thee Idea Men's sophomore effort, 'New Level Shoes,' available here.