They Might Be Giants have been molding, changing and evolving their sound for more than 30 years. They've released more than 16 albums and are responsible for one of the greatest TV theme songs, like, ever.

The duo is getting ready to celebrate its past decade with a new compilation album, 'Idlewild,' on May 27. So the two Johns, who've been doing fan interactivity since they ran the Dial-A-Song telephone call-in tune out of their apartment in the mid '80s, enlisted fans to make a new video for the song 'Am I Awake?'

They received more than 150 entries, and the top three have just been unveiled, including 'Murderous Puppet Typewriters,' featuring an animated one-eyed character and his hungry typewriter. You can see that video, by Jack Fields, above.

The other winning videos feature a couple rolling around uncomfortably in bed to the beat of the song, and a black-and-white TV set showing news anchors mouthing the words to 'Am I Awake?' You can see those videos below.

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