SSG Music’s Bryce Woodcock recently sat down with the newest incarnation of the Melvins -- Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and JD Pinkus -- and talked about everything surrounding their latest full-length, ‘Hold It In.’ In addition to chatting about the new LP, they also dove into their history, and Buzz hinted at a very interesting prospect for the future.

“We’re re-releasing the vinyl [from] Atlantic Records on Third Man,” he told Woodcock. “The guy from Third Man got the masters from Atlantic for the ‘Stag’ record. He goes, ‘What are these two songs on here that aren’t on the record?’”

Buzz’s answer was simple: “I don’t know.” Apparently, the “guy from Third Man” even had the names of the songs, but that still didn’t jog Buzz’s memory.

Dale added, “Well, we remembered the song titles and they looked familiar, but ... I had no idea.” He goes on, “We left them off the record for whatever reason. I mean, that was f--king 20 years ago. Hadn’t listened to it since then, so it’s hard to remember.”

Those are all the details we have, but consider us intrigued. We love Third Man Records and we love the Melvins, so this could be a beautiful partnership. This wouldn’t be the Melvins’ first run-in with Jack White and Third Man, though. On May 30, 2013, Buzz and company performed in the record store’s Blue Room (and then released the performance on vinyl). You can hear a snippet of the performance below:

And for those keeping score at home, the Melvins’ Atlantic Records releases include 1993’s ‘Houdini,’ 1994’s ‘Stoner Witch’ and 1996’s ‘Stag.’

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