Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has been very vocal in urging world leaders to reach a deal on climate change at the U.N.'s COP21 conference beginning tomorrow (Nov. 30) in Paris. And today, Yorke did his part by spinning tracks from atop a float in London's People's March for Climate.

The march (organized by Greenpeace UK) is one of many taking place throughout the world ahead of the Paris summit, and the Guardian reports more than 50,000 people reportedly took to the streets in London to push for a global transition to clean and renewable energy.

Yorke recently discussed the cause in an interview in the French publication Telerama:

I mean, initially, it kept me awake at night — which sounds really stupid — especially when my second child arrived, in 2004, I got unhealthily obsessed with it. But when I started to get involved in doing something about it, that helped me a lot. But I always have the impression that I am not doing enough at all.

Check out footage of Yorke below.