If you're a Radiohead buff, you may already know this, but before the band was formed, a young 20-year-old Thom Yorke had immersed himself in a project called Headless Chickens.

The English melodic punk outfit had gained recognition during their stint as a touring band, opening for major acts like De La Soul and Eat. If you've never seen footage of them performing before, now's your chance, as a video of the youthful band rocking what later became the popular Radiohead song, "High and Dry," has surfaced. Check out the surprisingly clear clip below:

"High and Dry" appeared on Radiohead's celebrated 1995 album The Bends. Headless Chickens was formed during Yorke's time in Exeter, with members including Simon Shackleton and John Matthias. Yorke left Headless Chickens in 1991 to reunite with his first college band, On a Friday, who later changed their name to Radiohead.

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