When it comes to Thom Yorke and Radiohead, no seemingly arbitrary clue is too small to potentially indicate something big.

Over the weekend, the enigmatic frontman posted a photo of a mysterious white record on a turntable with what seems to be two album sleeves in the background. Worth noting, however, is that he posted it on the Tumblr blog he shares with artist Stanley Donwood (the same Stanley Donwood who's created all of the cover art for each of Yorke's musical projects including Radiohead since 1994) and the supposed sleeves in the picture sure look a lot like Donwood's work -- especially reminiscent of the art for Yorke's 2006 solo album, 'The Eraser.'

The fact Radiohead producer and frequent Yorke collaborator Nigel Godrich and the official Radiohead Twitter account also tweeted a link to the vinyl would seem to indicate this isn't just an album Yorke is particularly into at that moment.

Check out the photo:


As Consequence of Sound notes, the timing isn't quite right for it to be a new Radiohead album as the band allegedly only began working on their next record this month. But some fans are speculating that the vinyl could be a follow-up to 'The Eraser,' new music from Yorke's Atoms For Peace side-project or a full-length recording of the music featured in a recent update of Radiohead's 'PolyFauna' app.

What do you think the record is?

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