Copyright and trademark laws, along with the enthusiasm with which they are enforced, differ from one country to the next. Either that, or Radiohead frontman and cryptic tweeter Thom Yorke has been making a little money on the side licensing his likeness to some interesting companies.

According to a number of tweets, Yorke's mug is on the cover of a book being sold in Iran. The book's title translated to English is Marital and Sexual Problems in Men. According to one person's post on Twitter, he took the photo of Yorke three years ago that was used on the book's cover:

He also tweeted later:

And this isn't the only instance of Yorke's face being used to sell stuff. After the story of the book cover broke yesterday (May 11), someone tweeted an advertisement for what might be headache medicine. According to the person who posted the image, at least some of the Russian text accompanying Yorke's admittedly pained-looking face translates to: "We will help you forget about your headache and insomnia."

We think there's one of two likely explanations for Yorke's inclusion in this particular ad. Either someone searched for the term "insomnia" and ran into some websites devoted to Radiohead's Insomniac ... or the people who designed the billboard weren't a fan of Yorke's recent solo effort, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

We're not sure where to get the Russian product -- or what it even is, for that matter -- but the book in question appears to be available here.

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