Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich took part in a Reddit AMA today in which they fielded questions about the indie-rock gods as well as about their new group, Atoms for Peace.

The Reddit AMA is pretty lengthy, as Yorke and Godrich take turns answering questions about their old group, their new group and other things. One person even asked Yorke if he's working on an instructional video for his famous 'Lotus Flower' dance.

But mostly fans asked about Radiohead. Is there a new record coming out this year, as Jonny Greenwood hinted? Yorke's reply: "By the time I’ve finished answering these there will be no time left this year." And were the rumors about Radiohead working with Jack White true? Yes and no. They recorded at his Nashville studio but did not record with him. “It’s nice there," said Yorke. "Red and black and white ns--t.”

Because the Reddit AMA was part of Yorke and Godrich's recent media blitz to call attention to Atom for Peace's debut album, 'Amok,' which comes out on Feb. 26, many questions focused on that side project, which also includes Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Yorke and Godrich talked about the differences between the two groups, whether or not there will be more collaborations and the album's leak. Their reply to the latter: "Oh did it? How nice."

Atoms for Peace are hoping to downplay that leak by offering a stream of 'Amok' on their website for the next week. So give it a listen after you weed through the Reddit AMA.