Imagine an epic tale of space travel, terraforming gone horribly wrong and abominations of nature preying on all life throughout the ages. This may sound like the premise for a cool sci-fi Hollywood blockbuster, but it's actually a story told in the music video for the song 'Tharsis Sleeps' from mavens of doom metal Throne.

And the coolest part? This story doesn't unfold with crazy movie special effects or giant explosions or the latest in CGI technology. Nope, it uses something very old-fashioned instead.

Every frame of this insane music video is a single, complete embroidered patch. That's right, all four minutes and 34 seconds of this video -- including the credits -- were stitched onto patches.

The overall effect of this Herculean effort is pretty amazing. The story itself is really cool, and would have been awesome even if it had been a cartoon or even CGI. But the use of embroidered patches gives it a completely unique look and feel.

This work was done by London artist Nicos Livesey. You can see more of his work, as well as some photos showing some of the steps in making the Thrones video at his website.