After watching the teaser for the new documentary Amy, we got to thinking about Amy Winehouse and the legacy she left behind. Her voice was unique, powerful and emotionally charged, and while most people recognize that right away, her skills as a songwriter were also second to none.

Today's video features her performing "Take the Box," a song from her debut album, Frank, on U.K. morning show Today with Des and Mel. Here in the states, we never got used to seeing Winehouse without her trademark beehive hairdo, heavy eyeliner and a full band. While those were also great days, it's good to see where she came from.

Frank showcased Winehouse's love of jazz. With just an electric piano accompanying her, Winehouse's voice takes center stage as she sings about retrieving her things from the apartment of an ex-lover. It's a perfect example of her ability to find and illustrate the most powerful moments in any given situation.

Few artists open themselves up to the extent that Winehouse did with her lyrics. Her songs often gave us a glimpse into her world that seemed personal -- almost to the point of being uncomfortable, as if we should've asked her, "Are you sure you want us in here with you right now?"

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