Radiohead seem to always feel the need to push their music forward into unexplored sonic territory. Each of their releases marks a turning point for the band and finds them doing something new. Admittedly, this approach doesn't always work. But when it does work (which is more often than not) the results are often excellent.

Case in point: the cryptically pessimistic track "Idioteque" from their 2000 album Kid A. It's about women and children and the impending ice age. We think. Singer-dancer Thom Yorke has never been all that forthcoming in regards to the meanings of his lyrics.

As is often the case with Radiohead albums, critics were divided when Kid A came out. It was nothing like Radiohead's previous album, OK Computer, which really shouldn't have surprised anyone. OK Computer was nothing like the album before it (The Bends) which was also a departure from their debut, Pablo Honey. If nothing else, Radiohead have been consistent in their inconsistencies.

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