With all of this talk of a possible Oasis reunion and Noel Gallagher releasing his newest solo album, we've been feeling nostalgic for those golden years when the chaps first broke out onto the scene. So we found some videos of Oasis performing on MTV back in the time of dinosaurs and the discovery of fire ... otherwise known as 1994.

The performances of "Live Forever" (above) and "Whatever" (below) show the beautiful simplicity of Oasis' best songs. Just an acoustic guitar, some simple bits played on an electric organ and Liam singing with his trusty tambourine. The songs still hold up almost 20 (whoa, has it been that long?) years later.

(This, of course, also reminds us of the time when MTV focused on music, including live performances. But going down that road won't do anyone any good.)

Noel responded to the question of whether he'd be up for an Oasis reunion by saying he'd do it for an obscene amount of money, simply because he's happy where he's at, playing with his High Flying Birds. But maybe, just maybe, it'll happen and we'll get some of that old magic back.

Oasis Perform "Whatever" on MTV in 1994