Today (April 16), Time magazine published its annual 100 Most Influential People in the World list. Each year, Time's list places musicians, filmmakers and artists side by side with political leaders, economists and entrepreneurs, and the 2015 edition is no exception. Björk, Kanye West and Taylor Swift all made this year’s list, along with Preisdent Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and more.

Both Björk and Swift were included in the Icons category. Björk’s essay was written by Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, who described the Icelandic singer as being “on the edge of everything” and an artist who “teaches us the courage to be ourselves.”

Law & Order: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay wrote for Swift, calling the pop singer-songwriter a “megawatt talent, an extraordinary spirit, an impossibly charming blend of impishness, poise and radiance to spare,” adding that her deeply personal music proves to be relatable and irresistible to just about anyone who encounters it. Of course, she ended by noting, “It doesn’t hurt that she named her cat after me” (Swift named one of her cats Olivia after Hargitay’s SVU character).

Time included Kanye West in its Titans category, with SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk acknowledging that West would be “the first person to tell you he belongs on this list” -- hubris Musk says is well-earned. “In his debut album, over a decade ago, Kanye issued what amounted to a social critique and a call to arms (with a beat): ‘We rappers is role models: we rap, we don’t think.’ But Kanye does think. Constantly. About everything. And he wants everybody else to do the same: to engage, question, push boundaries.”

Read Time’s entire 100 Most Influential People List here.

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